Patricia Busca Amigos

This is the first story I did with my 6th Graders using the Story Circle method of madlib stories. In this story, I tried to focus on using more complex sentences (more than one clause per sentence) than these stories normally have. As such, this might be better for students who have had more experience with TPRS and Embedded Reading

Hay una chica. La chica se llama Patricia. Patricia vive en Orlando y tiene doce años. Patricia es baja, cómica, inteligente, y atlética.

Patricia tiene un problema. ¡OH NO!

Patricia no tiene amigos. Ella está triste.

Ella va a Madrid, la capital de España. Hay una chica en Madrid que se llama Lora. Lora es lenta y alta. Patricia le dice, “Hola, me llamo Patricia.  ¿Cómo te llamas?

“Me llamo Lora.”

“¿Quieres ser amigas?”

Lora le responde, “No. Adiós.”

Patricia está triste.

Ella va a McDonald’s. En McDonald’s, hay un chico que se llama Hola. Hola es guapo.

Patricia le dice, “Hola, me llamo Patricia. Cómo te llamas?”

“Me llamo Hola.”

“Hola Hola ¿Quieres ser amigos?”

“¡Sí, por favor!”

Pero Patricia todavía está triste. Quiere más amigos.

Ella va a Barcelona para buscar más amigos.

In English:

There is a girl. The girl’s name is Patricia. Patricia lives in Orlando and is twelve years old. Patricia is short, comedic, intelligent, and athletic.Patricia has a problem. OH NO!Patricia has no friends. She is sad.She goes to Madrid, the capital of Spain. There’s a girl in Madrid called Lora. Lora is slow and tall. Patricia says, “Hi, my name is Patricia. What is your name?”My name is Lora.””Do you want to be friends?”Lora replies, “No. Goodbye.”Patricia is sad.She goes to McDonald’s. At McDonald’s, there’s a guy called Hello. Hi, he’s handsome.Patricia says, “Hi, my name is Patricia. What is your name?””My name is Hola.””Hi Hello, do you want to be friends?””Yes please!”But Patricia is still sad. He wants more friends.She goes to Barcelona to look for more friends.