Mikey el Mono Quiere una Banana

This is another example of a story that came from a Story Circle activity. This circle was done with middle schoolers (7th graders), so there are some elements that are more advanced linguistically (slightly more varied vocabulary, longer complex sentences). Additionally, the ending reflects the kids’ sense of humor in that they are tired of the main character of the class stories finding the thing they are searching for and living happily ever after. As such, their ending for this story is a bit more downbeat. It’s not what I necessarily would have chosen, but the story doesn’t belong to me individually, it belongs to my whole class.

In Spanish:

Hay un animal. Es un mono que se llama Mikey. Mikey tiene ocho años y vive en Hawaii. Mikey es pequeño, inteligente, y rápido y a Mikey le gustan las bananas.

Mikey quiere una banana, pero hay un problema: No tiene una banana. ¡No hay bananas en Hawaii!

Mikey va a un Target en San Diego, California. Hay un chico en Target que se llama JP. JP es inteligente y bajo. Mikey le dice a JP:

“Hola JP ¿tienes una banana?”

“No, lo siento. No tengo bananas.”

Mikey está triste.

Mikey va al centro comercial que se llama Millenia Mall en Orlando, Florida.

Hay una mujer en Millenia Mall que se llama Cheryl. Cheryl es alta y simpática. Mikey le dice a Cheryl:

“Hola Cheryl ¿Tienes una banana?”

“Sí. ¡Tengo muchas bananas!”

Mikey le pregunta, “¿Puedo tener una banana, por favor?”

Cheryl le responde, “No, lo siento. Necesito todas las bananas para un Proyecto de arte.”

Mikey está triste. Va a la playa. Hay un animal en la playa, es un tiburón. El tiburón se llama Sharkey. Mikey le dice a Sharkey:

“Hola, me llamo Mikey el Mono. ¿Cómo te llamas?”

“Me llamo Sharkey.”

“Hola Sharkey. ¿Tienes una banana? Necesito una banana.”

“No, lo siento. Acabo de comer mi última banana.”

Mikey regresa a Hawaii y va a la casa.

Mikey está triste y llora mucho.

In English:

There is an animal. It’s a monkey named Mikey. Mikey is eight years old and lives in Hawaii. Mikey is small, smart, and fast and likes bananas.

Mikey wants a banana, but there’s a problem: He does not have a banana. There are no bananas in Hawaii!

Mikey goes to a Target in San Diego, California. There’s a guy in Target called JP. JP is smart and short. Mikey tells JP:

“Hello JP, do you have a banana?”

“No, I’m sorry. I do not have bananas. “

Mikey is sad.

Mikey goes to the mall called Millenia Mall in Orlando, Florida.

There is a woman in Millenia Mall named Cheryl. Cheryl is tall and nice. Mikey says to Cheryl:

“Hi Cheryl, do you have a banana?”

“Yes. I have many bananas! “

Mikey asks, “Can I have a banana, please?”

Cheryl replies, “No, I’m sorry. I need all the bananas for an Art Project. “

Mikey is sad. He goes to the beach. There is an animal on the beach, it is a shark. The shark is called Sharkey. Mikey says to Sharkey:

“Hello, my name is Mikey the Monkey. What is your name?”

“My name is Sharkey.”

“Hello Sharkey. Do you have a banana? I need a banana. “

“No, I’m sorry. I just ate my last banana. “

Mikey returns to Hawaii and goes to the house.

Mikey is sad and cries a lot.