Elmo y Un Big Bird (past tense)

This story was created by my 4th graders in a madlib story creation activity. As such, some of the details are a bit bizarre or, rather, they seem to come out of left field. This is what they came up with, though, and to publish it in a different form would do them and their creativity a disservice.

That being said, please feel free to edit and change this story to fit what works for your class.

This one is several years old (those 4th graders are in the 8th grade now and about to graduate!).

Había un chico.  El chico se llamaba Elmo.  Elmo tenía infinitos años.  Elmo estaba en el parque zoológicoElmo quería un Big BirdElmo no tenía un Big Bird.  Elmo tenía hambreElmo quería comer Big Bird.

Elmo fue a una estación eléctrica.  Había una chica.  La chica se llamaba Señorita Elma.  Elma no tenía un B.BElma tenía galletas, pelo, y Barbies, pero no tenía Big BirdElmo le dijo, “adios.”

Elmo tenía miedo.

Elmo fue a la peluquería.  Una avestruz estaba en la peluquería.  La avestruz tenía Big Bird!

Elmo le dijo a la avestruz:
“Hola.  ¿Puedo tener un Big Bird?”

La avestruz le respondió:

Elmo tenía hambre.

Elmo no comió Big BirdElmo y Big Bird fueron a la casa de Bert y Ernie.  Elmo, Big Bird, Bert, y Ernie comieron pizza.

Elmo estaba feliz.

El Fin.

In English:

There was a boy. The boy was called Elmo. Elmo was infinite years old. Elmo was at the zoo. Elmo wanted a Big Bird. Elmo did not have a Big Bird. Elmo was hungry. Elmo wanted to eat Big Bird. Elmo went to an electrical station. There was a girl. The girl was called Miss Elma. Elma did not have a B.B. Elma had cookies, hair, and Barbies, but she did not have Big Bird. Elmo said, “goodbye.” Elmo was afraid. Elmo went to the hairdresser. An ostrich was at the hairdresser’s. The ostrich had Big Bird! Elmo said to the ostrich: “Hello. Can I have a Big Bird? ” The ostrich replied: “Yes!” Elmo was hungry. Elmo did not eat Big Bird. Elmo and Big Bird went to Bert and Ernie’s house. Elmo, Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie ate pizza. Elmo was happy. The end.