Señor y La Roca – elementary Story

This story is for the lowest grades, so it requires going very slowly and with lots of pantomime and drawing to make it comprehensible. The whole point is to show the kids that the teacher can’t speak English, so the whole thing needs to be comprehensible to make them feel comfortable with hearing it.

For a reference point, it took me almost the whole 30 minute period to tell the story, draw, pantomime and circle the structures.

Señor y La Roca

Hola, me llamo Señor Fernández. Un día en el verano estaba en mi casa y una roca me golpeó en la cabeza. Me dolía mucho. OWWWWWW! La roca venía de Saturno.

Cuando me golpeó la roca, se me olvidó todo el inglés. Ahora entiendo el inglés, pero no hablo.

No se preocupen, no es un problema. Me gusta hablar en español y todos me comprenden!


Hello, my name is Mr. Fernandez. I was in my house. One day in the summer, a rock hit me in the head. It hurt a lot. Owww! The rock came from Saturn.

When the rock hit me, I forgot all my English. Now I understand English, but I cannot speak.

Don’t worry, it’s not a problem, I like to speak in Spanish and everyone can understand me!

*corrections made