First First Story – Ed y la Pizza

This is the first story I always use with my 1st graders after I introduce the Tremendous Ten Verbs (see the main Stories page). I don’t usually do much TPRS in Kindergarten, we just don’t have the time to do more than one or two stories in the year. In 1st Grade, though, the kids are a little more mature and I have a little bit more time with them. As such, I am able to do a story with them.

I have done this multiple ways – I have used lots of circling and broken the story up into sections and I have done it all in one class period. Either way could work, it would just depend on your students and your teaching style.

I hope you enjoy!

In Spanish:

Había un chico.  Era Ed.  Ed estaba en Altamonte Springs.  Ed no estaba contento.  No tenía pizza.  Ed quería pizza.

Ed fue a Boston.  Había un chico en Boston.  Le dijo:

–“Hola.  Tengo un problema.  Quiero pizza.”

–“No tengo pizza.  Tengo un hot dog y una hamburguesa.  No tengo pizza.”

Ed estaba triste.

Ed fue a Atlanta.  Había una chica en Atlanta.  Ed le dijo:

–“Hola, quiero pizza.”

–“Tengo pizza, es excelente!”

Susie tenía pizza y le dio la pizza a Ed.  Ed estaba muy contento.

In English

There was a boy. His name was Ed. Ed was in Altamonte Springs. Ed was not happy. He did not have pizza. Ed wanted pizza.

Ed went to Boston. There was a boy in Boston. Told him:

–“Hello. I have a problem. I want pizza.”

– “I do not have pizza. I have a hot dog and a hamburger. I do not have pizza. ”

Ed was sad.

Ed went to Atlanta. There was a girl in Atlanta. Ed told her:

– “Hi, I want pizza.”

– “I have pizza, it’s excellent!”

Susie had pizza and gave the pizza to Ed. Ed was very happy.