El Perro Perdido – Kindergarten Family story

Target Structures:  soy, es, tengo, se llama, ¿Dónde está? hay, está perdido/a

Yo no soy Señor Fernandez (insert your name here). Yo soy Señor Bebé. (then I act like a baby until the kids realize what it means). Mi familia es grande. Tengo una mamá, tengo un papá, tengo un hermano, tengo una hermana, y tengo un perro. Mi mamá se llama 1 (choose a girl in the class and pretend she is your mother). Mi papá se llama 2 (choose a boy). Mi hermano se llama 3 (choose a boy). Mi hermana se llama 4 (choose a girl). Mi perro se llama Burrito. (I don’t choose a student because the problem in the story is that the dog is lost).

“Burrito ¿dónde estás?”

Clase, hay un problema ¡Burrito está period! Mi familia busca Burrito (Put hand above your eyes like you’re looking for something and make sure that the Students in the story do the same, then we all look in different places around the room. As you look around the room, subtly let a student know that he/she is Burrito and have him/her move into another part of the room). Clase, ¡aquí está Burrito! ¡No está perdido! (Then, I list the family members again, just like I did before). Amo a mi familia.


I am not Mr. Fernandez. I’m Mr. Baby. My family is big. I have a mom, I have a dad, I have a sister, I have a brother, and I have a dog. My mom is named ___. My dad is named ___. My brother is named ___. My sister is named ___. My dog is named Burrito.

“Burrito, where are you?”
Class, there is a problem. Burrito is lost! My family looks for Burrito. Class, Here is Burrito! He isn’t lost! Then, list all the family members again by name, as in the beginning of the story. I love my family.

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