World Language Teacher Summit 2019

Hello all! Speaking Latino is back with another conference opportunity!

The World Language Teacher Summit 2019 is going strong all this week. Don’t miss presentations by some of my very favorite teachers, bloggers, and presenters, including Meredith White, Diego Ojeda, Allison Weinhold, Bethanie Drew, Noah Geisel, and many more!

Sign up for for the conference here.

You can also sign up to get the WLTS19 Playbook, a book filled with all kinds of information and goodies from teachers of all languages all over the country. Get the playbook here.

Join us this week for the World Language Teacher Summit and get some amazing PD from some amazing speakers and presenters (and me)!

All registration links are affiliate links which means I may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you click here and purchase anything.

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