New Stories and a (slightly) New Look

Hello all,

I have updated the look of the blog a bit, mostly to make it easier to access the newly updated Stories Pages.

I have divided the stories into ones to use for Elementary and ones to use for Middle or Upper school. Content for the stories is almost all student-driven.

As I’ve written about before, I like to use madlib-style story writing activities for students in almost all grades for lots of reasons: the most important of these is that I get to interact with the students at their own level to create something that is completely personalized to the group I am with. This explains why the stories have such diverse topics and details.

I will be adding more stories as we write them and I will be adding older ones, as well. We spend so much time in class negotiating meaning by creating these silly stories and I feel that they need to be shared with the world.

Please feel free to use the stories as you see fit in your classrooms. Your students will not find the same things funny or entertaining that mine do, so change things around. If you do make changes, I ask that you to consider sharing in the comments some of the changes that worked in your classes so that I can use them too!

Please check out the stories in the Stories Page at the top of the blog and let me know what you think and how the stories work for you!

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