#Teach2Teach Question 2

As usual, a really great post. There’s a lot to think about in it and a lot of great advice. I wish I had thought about some of that stuff, especially the feeling of isolation that a new teacher can have at the beginning of their time at a school. I am the only Language teacher at my school and it was a very lonely start with a lot of hard learned lessons that you address here.

Thank you for your thoughtful advice.

Making Good Mistakes

Time for round 2 of #Teach2Teach, the blogging series where experienced teachers are trying to give our best advice to new and pre-sevice teachers. Today’s topic is one of my favorites: politics.

Carrie asks:How do you stay inspired and not get bogged down by the politics of teaching?

I have to agree 100% with Amy when she says that whether we like it or not, politics are part of the job. Since everyone theoretically got some sort of education, everyone has an opinion on it. Even though we as teachers understand that things are completely different from the other side of the desk, many people still base their opinions on their own experiences. The sooner that we understand and accept that playing the politics game is part of our job – and learn to manage it with grace – will help us maintain our sanity.

When in doubt, keep…

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