FLES TPRS Story – Opuestos (Opposites), Pt. 3

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This is the third part of the story that I began at the beginning of January with my first and second graders (part 1; part 2). The first week, we introduced characters and described them. Last week, we discussed a problem that Character 1 (tall) helped Character 2 (short) to solve.

In today’s story, Character 3 is fast and Character 4 is slow.

Words on the board to help with comprehension:

  • Ayuda-help
  • Necesita-needs
  • Traer-to bring

The rest of the new/unfamiliar words I could either model or show them the actual object to establish meaning.

Then I told the story:

4 es lenta. 4 necesita traer un libro a Señor Fernández, pero 4 no tiene mucho tiempo. Pide ayuda al 3. 3 es rápida.“Necesito ayuda! Soy lenta y tengo un libro para senor Fernandez. Sr. F necesita el libro en 2 segundos!No problema.” 3 ayuda a 4. 3 le trae el libro a senor Fernandez.Sr. F tiene el libro. Sr. F está feliz. 3 está feliz. 4 está feliz.

4 is slow. 4 needs to bring a book to Mr. Fernandez, but 4 doesn’t have time. He asks 3 for help. 3 is fast.

“I need help! I am slow and I have a book for Señor Fernandez. Sr. F. needs the book in 2 seconds!

“No problem.” 3 helps 4. 3 brings the book to Sr. F.

Sr. F. has the book. Sr. F is happy. 3 is happy. 4 is happy

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