FLES TPRS Story – Opuestos (Opposites), Pt. 2

This is the second part of the story that I began last week with my first and second graders. Last week, we introduced the characters. In the coming weeks, we will discuss (through story-asking) problems that each character has because of his or her description. Today’s story was part 2 and it focused on the characters who were tall and short.

2 is character number 2 (the short character, I have a child walk around on his or her knees for this part)
1 is character number 1 (the tall character)

To set up the story, we review the different adjectives that we have learned and then I ask, in Spanish, “who is tall in the class? Who is short?” The students remembered which of their classmates played each character and those students were the ones who played the characters again today. I set a book high up on a shelf, but not so high that the tall character couldn’t reach it.

I wrote a few words on the board to help with comprehension:


The rest of the new/unfamiliar words (estante-shelf, libro-book) I could either model or show them the actual object to establish meaning.

Then I told the story:

2 es bajo. 2 necesita un libro. El libro es muy alto en el estante. Pide ayuda al 1.
“Necesito ayuda! Soy bajo. Necesito ese libro allá.” (points to book far away, way up high on the shelf)
“No problema.” 1 ayuda a 2. 1 le da el libro a 2.

2 is short. 2 needs a book. The book is high up on the shelf. He asks for help from 1.
“I need help! I’m short. I need that book over there.
“No problem.” 1 helps 2. 1 gives the book to 2.

Next week I will introduce the problem that the tall character has that the short character can help with in a mini-coda to today’s story. Then, I will continue with the problems that the fast and slow characters have that can only be helped by their opposite character.


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