Using CI in Elementary School pt. 2-Translation of the Story

The story in the Using CI in Elememtary School is a simple one. The forms that I was focusing on when we did it in class were:

Le gusta-likes
Hay-there is

The story itself owes a lot to Blaine Ray’s Look, I Can Talk text. I based the structure of the story on the stories that I have used from this book.

Day 1: Hay una chica. La chica se llama Roberta. A Roberta le gustan las papas fritas. Roberta tiene un problema. Roberta no tiene las papas fritas. Roberta tiene hambre y Roberta esta triste

There is a girl. The girl is named Roberta. Roberta likes French Fries. Roberta has a problem. Roberta doesn’t have French Fries. Roberta is hungry and Roberta is sad.

Day 2: review part 1; Roberta tiene bananas. A Roberta no le gustan las bananas. Roberta tiene hamburguesas. A Roberta no le gustan las hamburguesas. Roberta tiene manzanas. A Roberta no le gustan las manzanas. A Roberta le gustan las papas fritas y Roberta no tiene papas fritas.

Roberta has bananas. Roberta doesn’t like bananas. Roberta has hamburgers. Roberta doesn’t like hamburgers. Roberta has apples. Roberta doesn’t like apples. Roberta likes French Fries and doesn’t have any.

Day 3: review pt 1&2; Roberta va a McDonalds. Hay un chico que se llama Ronald McDonald. Roberta le pregunta, ” tienes papas fritas?”
Ronald McDonald le dice: “no”
(Continue in the same way with as many restaurants and students as I can in the class time, all say no)

Robert goes McDonalds. There is a boy named Ronald McDonald. Roberta asks him, “do you have French Fries?” Ronald says to her, “no.”

Day 4: review pt. 1,2,&3; Roberta va a escuela. Roberta va a la cafetería. Hay un hombre en la cafetería. Se llama Señor Boom (our lunch chef’s actual name, which might be the best name ever for anyone who works at an elementary school). Señor Boom tiene papas fritas. Le da las papas fritas a Roberta. Roberta esta feliz. Roberta no tiene hambre.

Roberta goes to school. Roberta goes to the cafeteria. There is a man in the cafeteria. His name is Mr. Boom. Mr. Boom has French Fries. He gives the French Fries to Roberta. Roberta is happy. Roberta is not hungry.

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