Hispanic Heritage Story Part 2

I posted part 1 of a story for Hispanic Heritage month last week. The story went over well and the kids enjoyed it (although, it was a little too advanced and too long for some groups).

Here is part 2, ready to go. I used this in class today and it also went over well. One thing that I changed was to make the main character different. In the written story (below), I kept the same main character, but in the classroom, more kids were itching to participate and I decided to change the character. We decided what her name would be (Nancy) and we went from there!

You’ll notice that the story is quite a bit shorter, this is to allow for more time to circle on details, such as the grocery stores (Tía, Carrefour) and the people that Nancy met in Baranquilla and Havana.

Story part 2

Forms to preteach/have written out on the board before starting – Tomó, Le/s gustaba/n, Necesitaba, No lo tengo, Pero, Amargo

Tim tomó su café.  A él le gustaba el café, pero el café necesitaba algo.  El café era amargoNecesitaba azúcar.

Tim le dijo a James Rodríguez: “Este café es amargo.  Tienes azúcar?”

James le dijo: “No, no lo tengo.”

Tim estaba triste.  Tim fue al Tía en Baranquilla. Había una chica en el Tía.  La chica se llamaba Shakira. Shakira le dijo: “No tengo azúcar.”

Tim estaba triste.  Tim fue al Carrefour.  Había un chico en el Carrefour.  El chico se llamaba Juanes. Tim le dijo a Juanes: “Tienes azúcar?”

Juanes le dijo: “No, no lo tengo, pero hay mucho azúcar en Cuba.”

Tim estaba triste, pero Tim necesitaba azúcar para su café.

Tim fue a Habana, Cuba.  Fue a una plantación de cañas de azúcar. Había una chica en la plantación. La chica se llamaba Cameron Díaz.

Tim le dijo a Cameron: “Tienes azúcar?

Cameron Díaz le dijo: “Sí! Tómalo!”

Tim estaba feliz y su café estaba muy delicioso!

In English:

Tim drank his coffee. He liked the coffee, but the coffee needed something. I was bitter. It needed sugar.

Tim said to James Rodriguez: “This coffee is bitter, do you have sugar?”

James said to him: “No, I don’t have it.”

Tim was sad. Tim went to the Tía [a supermarket chain in South America] in Baranquilla. There was a girl in the Tía. Her name was Shakira. Shakira said, “I don’t have sugar.

Tim was sad. Tim went to the Carrefour [another supermarket chain in Europe and South America]. There was a boy in the Carrefour. His name was Juanes [at this point, I played a video of Juanes singing “Muévete” on Sesame St. to show the kids who he is]. Tim said to Juanes: “Do you have sugar?”

Juanes said to him: “No, I don’t have it, but there is a lot of sugar in Cuba.”

Tim was sad, but Tim needed sugar for his coffee.

Tim went to Havana, Cuba. He went to a sugar plantation. There was a girl in the sugar plantation. Her name was Cameron Díaz. Tim said to Cameron: “Do you have sugar?”

Cameron Díaz said to him: “Yes! Take it!”

Tim was happy and his coffee was very delicious.

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